Entry rules

– Teams of 2-4 humans are allowed to compete. Individuals are welcome to join and we will try to build the teams on the spot.
– Developers, designers and people with ideas are allowed in the teams.
– Only demos of those hacks are allowed in presentations. No slide-decks or power-points are allowed.
– Presentations are limited to a 3-minute presentation and possible Q&A from the judges.
– All hacks must be submitted by defined submission date and time. Late submissions will not be allowed to compete.

Winner Selection

The overall Contest winners (»Best Fintech Hack«) will be selected by the predefined panel of judges (“Judges”). All teams competing in any challenge are candidates for the »Best Fintech Hack« award.

Individual Challenge winners will be selected by the Challenge providers themselves selected from the teams competing in their Challenge.

Copyright and protection of intellectual property

a) Participants will not submit content that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret or otherwise subject to third party intellectual property rights or other property rights, including privacy and publicity rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from their rightful owner to post the content and to grant Halcom all of the rights granted herein,

b) Participants will not submit content that is unlawful or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense.

c) Participants will not post advertisements or solicitations of business

d) Participants will own the IP rights for all their work (hereinafter: Development).
Halcom and Challenge providers (hereinafter: Organizers) may at its sole discretion offer to transfer all of IP rights for the Development with one or more of the Participants. Participants may accept or reject the offer. Organizers have exclusive rights for the first 60 calendar days after the Hackathon finish to conclude any arrangement with the Participants. If no arrangement is made within that period, Participants have no further obligations to the Organizers. With the potential successful conclusion of the Agreement, the Organizer involved in the arrangement becomes an exclusive and only owner of the Development and shall be entitled to permanent and exclusive use of it without any territorial and time limitation.

e) By participating in the Hackathon every participant or team of participants give its express consent to Organizers to use all information derived or relating to the Hackathon for all kind of marketing and promotional purposes (hereinafter: Marketing content). Marketing content shall be provided without any compensation for the participants and shall be worldwide, perpetual and irrevocable.

f) Be aware that Halcom Hackathon Organizers have their own development roadmaps for the products on which the Challenges are done and presented. For that reason it is possible that hacks that you develop will show up in the final products and/or could be subject to Organizer's evaluation according to point d).


Halcom Hackathon Organizers will have the right at their sole discretion to determine whether an entrant is eligible for the Contest and may disqualify at organizers’ sole discretion.


Contest prizes are non-transferable by the winner. If you accept a prize, Halcom and Challenge providers will be responsible for all applicable taxes required by Slovenian law related to accepting such prize. Any cash prize values are published as gross value.