Mateja Rajter is a Software Architect and Technical Lead at Halcom and has been working on banking software engineering for 12 years. She is responsible for making design choices and works with others to continuously improve technical standards such as coding standards, tools and platforms. She is recognized as technical authority and is solving problems of others by utilizing coaching technique which makes her very effective.

Matej Čeh is User Experience designer at Halcom with a range of experience from Helpdesk agent, Quality Assurance and Product Expert. He has over 6 years experience in mobile and desktop banking software development. He likes to tackle complex problems and turn them into a nice and simple interface designs. User represents the main focus of his work along with "guerrilla usability testing" and rapid prototyping which helps to make apps user-friendly and enjoyable.

Primož Zupan is an Idea Manager and Head of Halcom Studio since October 2013. He is responsible for idea management in all areas: the selection of the best ideas, their development into the best prototypes and development of the best prototypes into the best products. As an idea manager, he supports and guides company innovators in the process of developing and prototyping their approved ideas. Until November 2015, he helped launch the product Hal mBills on the Slovenian market. 

Miha is CTO at Halcom and has been creating software solutions for the financial industry for the last 14 years. He has an engineering background and has worked in many positions – from Software Developer and Software Architect to Product Manager. His professional experience includes major regional companies like ComTrade where he lead their Financial Programme and one of the world’s largest digital wallet providers Skrill where he worked on building their Payments Platform.

Bojan Vrhovnik is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Slovenia, helping partners to build and effectively leverage different Microsoft technologies to solve their problem. Before joining Microsoft he was working in a few of the biggest developer companies in Slovenia, focusing on Web development, building financial sites, CMS and other web pages with Microsoft technologies. He actively twitt at @bvrhovnik. In his free time, he likes to go hiking and playing badminton.

Martin Pregl is an Audience Evangelism Manager ad Microsoft CEE MC region, focusing on evangelizing new and cool technologies to developers and IT professionals. His focus (besides cloud computing) are bots and cognitive services. Before joining Microsoft, he was working as a web developer, after joining, he has held many different positions, from Tech Sales to Evangelism with a touch of marketing.

Ivan is Software Engineer at MicroBlink. He works on Android SDKs for image processing and text recognition with core technology written mostly in C++ and exposed to Java through JNI framework. He is experienced in Java, C, C++, JNI and Android NDK development. He builds Android applications and his main goal is to produce the great software that will help the end users in their everyday tasks. One of his main interests are algorithms and code optimisations. In spare time he’s playing table tennis and is interested in art. 

Igor is Software Engineer at MicroBlink. He works on computer vision technology and Android SDKs for real-time document and payment data capture. Also, he has experience in C++, C, Java, JNI and Android NDK development. As he develops computer vision technology he is focused on producing software that simplifies applications for end users by eliminating manual data input. His leisure time passions are solving Rubik’s cube and reading books.

Luka Mali, holds the position of a senior research associate and lecturer at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. His current work focuses on Machine-to-Machine Communications, Connected Devices and Internet of Things applications. He is actively involved in several R&D projects as a lead engineer, project manager and project advisor. He is advisor in several Startup companies, co-founder of two successful Kickstarter campaigns and alumni of two European Startup accelerators. 

Nejc Kodrič is CEO and co-founder of Bitstamp. Nejc is in charge of Bitstamp’s overall strategy, vision and product development. Founded in 2011, by 2014 Bitstamp became the world's dominant dollarbitcoin exchange and was awarded Best Virtual Currency Start-up at The Europas in June 2014. Nejc was born in Slovenia, where he studied Organization and Management of Information Systems and Economics. He splits his time between his home country and Luxembourg.

David has over 17 years of experience leading systems operation teams for companies operating in the bitcoin, media and entertainment industries. In 2015 he became the CTO of Bitstamp, where he is responsible for managing the technological teams and systems. David has been trading with bitcoin since 2012 and is passionate about blockchain and other technical innovations. In addition to building security devices himself, he also has vast experience in systems operations and managing large teams across multiple countries.

Danijel Pančić is a JavaScript ninja and a passionate Django enthusiast. He is currently working at Bitstamp as the Head of Development team. He also works on various projects, including online games, and likes to experiment with new approaches and techniques in search of better ways to achieve the desired results.

Katarina Pišljar is Team leader for banking channels development and maintenance at SKB. Before she has been working as IT architect and developer for 20+ years on a variety of banking and financial applications. She was also responsible for technical standards for user interfaces. Acting as the link between user needs and development, trying to find the optimum solution for clients.

Maja Treven is a Marketing director, covering sales support, product development, segments, and communication.She is involved in the development of new technologies, innovative bank solutions, and approaches, as well as being the proposer of new business opportunities for other sectors.

Katarina Jenko works in Marketing and responsible for digital communication, collaborating in developing new banking channels and digital ways of communication with clients.

Simon Steinman is Head of Payments at Hal mBills, responsible for business development and operational activities of mobile platform. Simon has 10+ years of experience in financial and retail industry with various products such as payments, financing, insurances, loyalty programs, etc. You can easily reach him @twitter @simonsteinman

For the last 6 years, Tatjana Kuhar has been part of Nova KBM's development team responsible for online bank Bank@Net and mobile bank mBank@Net. She has an engineering background and has previously worked for major regional company Comtrade where she worked as Software developer.

Marko Avguštin is a software developer at at Nova KBM. For the past 5 years, he was part of the team developing software solution for on online and mobile bank.  He has a lot of experience with web development in HTML5, CSS3 as well as JavaScript and JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and with Frameworks like Bootstrap and AngularJS.

Matej Korošec is a Lead Software Engineer at Nova KBM, with 7+ years of experience in developing online banking solutions. He has been involved in the development of Bank@Net and mBank@Net in various roles - from web development, mobile development to team lead and tech lead.

Maša Judar is an idea manager at Nova KBM. She is a FinTech enthusiast and creative problem-solver with the ability to develop and execute innovative ideas.  For the last 5 years she has been part of Nova KBM's team responsible for modern sales channels (online/mobile banking, mobile payment system Moneta, payment cards, ATMs...). She is also part of Y Combinator startup Povio and founder of startup Shop or Drop.

Tim Mitja Zagar is cofounder of ICONOMI, the biggest crowdsourced project in Europe. He started working full time on blockchain projects in 2013 with the goal of connecting the crypto field to the existing banking world. Cashila was the first Bitcoin company to get EU regulator approval to be registered as a financial institution. He believes that decentralised systems and open ledgers will integrate into the mainstream economy faster than the Internet did. 

Mojca started her business career in Mercator, at the beginning as a head of market research and new media development and later as Marketing Director. She was awarded with the prestigious title as a marketing director of the year 2011. In September 2015, she joined Atlantic Grupa, where she is responsible for research and development for Argeta and Montana brand. Mojca is driven, focused and dedicated to achieve concrete results, and she is passionately searching for new and innovative business opportunities and models.

Nedeljka Janković works as Senior Brand Manager at Atlantic Grupa, managing Montana and ŠEF brands in 3 different countries. She’s passionate and experienced marketer with several years of experience in FMCG industry working for different multinationals and brands. Currently she is managing Marketing strategy, new products development and marketing mix on Montana and ŠEF brands. Her moto is “Everything is possible as long as you go and do it with passion and vision, and you repeat doing it until it’s done”.

Lan is Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations practice in Slovenia and the wider CE region. His main focus of work is within Financial institutions, where covers topics like Digital & Technology strategy, operational improvements and restructuring/ transformation. Lan is also the board member of CFA Society Slovenia, a Member of the CFA Institute Global Network of Societies. Collectively, they promote the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence in the investment profession globally.